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Information on Tapestry Canvas Kits

Tortoisetapestries welcomes you and hopes to provide you with long hours of enjoyment and satisfaction.
Please browse through our products and select a product you would like.
We will send you the printed canvas you order to turn into a jewel of art that will decorate your environment or
could be considered a very valuable and personal gift for someone close to you.
It will be up to you to buy the wool which gives you the chance to alter the
colors you would like to make brighter or dimmer or entirely different altogether.

If you would like to receive a tapestry canvas with a print of your own choice
to work out, you are welcome to send us a picture and request to print it on canvas.

We are able to provide prints up to the following sizes :
Canvas size A3 ( 29.7 × 42 cm / 11.7 × 16.5 inches)

The picture will be printed within the A3 canvas leaving at least 3 cm. (1,1811 in.) on all sides
for you to be able to conveniently frame your tapestry after you finished working it.

We hope that we will soon welcome you again on our website and if not already, can regard you
as an owner of one of our beautifull tapestries and a satisfied, returning customer!

Yours truly,

Tortoise Tapestries

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